Got Snow? Feel the Burn…

Want to burn almost 1000 calories* in less than 2 hours? In the midst of Georgia's Snow Daze this weekend I did just that shoveling snow from my driveway. It wouldn't have been so labor-intensive if I didn't have a side-facing garage. I lived in Illinois for more than 10-years. And I learned a side-facing... Continue Reading →

A Mystery Awaits

Each day is a gift. It’s amazing how easy we forget. We wake-up to our present.  We push it aside and, look back on the past.   We sneak a peek at our neighbor’s present. We try to guess the future. Before we drift off, we take one last glimpse at our present. We promise to... Continue Reading →

Everyday I’m Flossin’

After gargling with salt and hot water followed by hydrogen peroxide rinse, every 4 hours, for 24+ hours,  the popcorn husk dislodged itself from underneath my gums. Gingivitis is bad, periodontitis is worse.  Both are preventable.  Flossing after every meal is the cheapest and painless dental health option.  The alternative is 24 + hours of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Files

The only thing standing between the woman and a new job was her ability to locate and find the template provided by her prospective employer. It was a hidden file and no matter how hard  she tried to retrieve it,  it wouldn't appear.  Time ran out and she lost the opportunity to secure the coveted job. Sincerely, A... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know My Life

Some are reluctant to invite others into their lives because many confuse invitation with intrusion. The invited RSVP with their beliefs and ways to intrude upon the one who asked them in. Except, an invitation and a welcome doesn't ask for guidance nor does it imply the invited is equipped with the wisdom to advise another's... Continue Reading →

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