It Seems to Hang On

 Long after you should have let go... It is so hard to go back to a love when nothing has changed except the fact that neither one wants to let go. I think there should be a couple's 10-step program on how to get together and then a 10-step program on how to let go... ... Continue Reading →

Home Going: Remembering Legends

The sisters of my mother's father and my mother's mother both passed away this month within weeks of each other. Interestingly, on that ominous night of her passing, my grand-aunt told her daughter that she had the opportunity to witness President Obama serve his terms as a president - and she was satisfied. My grand-aunt was... Continue Reading →

Monday Ministry| Back to School

Once upon a time, a girl was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Her parents named her a derivation of the father’s name. She would later decide to shorten so it would lose its diminutive, feminine indicator.   Her first home was a high rise, known as Fort Greene housing projects – a modest beginning for the... Continue Reading →

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