Spoken Words

"Spoken words are ephemeral but the written word is permanent. What most people, or at least the unsuccessful ones, are unaware of is that life gives us exactly what we ask from it." Currently rereading The Instant Millionaire : A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth by Mark Fisher

You are who you are…

You are who you are.  You just need to find where your talents can make a difference. In other words, you must find where you fit. Let me back up a bit. The conversation that led to this epiphany began how it always starts - with gossip. My daughter mentioned that a married couple, we... Continue Reading →

Something for Nothing

I hung up the phone and immediately felt verklempt. The caller told me someone recently helped him with his retirement fund.  Now he wanted advice on the best way to continue receiving that help for cheap. Insert -> Ah-Ha moment. Some folks will gladly use your time and not compensate you. If they do attempt... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Failure in 5 Simple Steps

Imagine walking around all day with a song playing in your head - and no one is playing music nearby. Well, for some reason, the Universe deemed it necessary to share, and on repeat, the hook from the dance/soul song "Take Your Time". The SOS Band's Billboard Top 100 song peaked on the charts at... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Sound Self-Analysis

Why did you get you angry?  (Ans.) Why do you want things to go your way? (Ans.) Why don't you just do it yourself? (Ans.) Why would you let that stop you from your goal? (Ans.) Why not find another way? (Ans.) Ok – I really don’t know how you’re going to answer those questions.  That... Continue Reading →

The Invisible You

Who would you be if you didn't care what others thought of you? Or better question, who are you when no one is looking?   Do you know? Have you ever met her? If you haven't; is the masked woman hiding her the reason you haven't achieved your life's goals? When we spend time trying to... Continue Reading →

Why did the Writer Cross the Road?

Misidentified goals result in failure 100 percent of the time. Want to make sure you following the correct desire lines? Learn then know the difference between an end goal and the means to get there. For the answer to the riddle, read on.

Goals are Wishes with Deadlines

We are exactly one month from the big “Make a resolution” day. You may know it as New Year’s Day. And if you’re one of the 62% of Americans 1 that make a resolution – stay with me. I’m going to give 3 tips on how to achieve your goals.

Tao of the Panty

It was a simple goal, one I conceived while showering. Aim, shoot and land my panties next to my other undies on the sink. Simple enough I’m sure it seems but I was in this glass enclosed shower stall which meant before the panties could reach the designated spot they would first have to clear... Continue Reading →

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