Spoken Words

"Spoken words are ephemeral but the written word is permanent. What most people, or at least the unsuccessful ones, are unaware of is that life gives us exactly what we ask from it." Currently rereading The Instant Millionaire : A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth by Mark Fisher

Oh Stewardess | 4 year-old Start-Up Airline End-Run its Way to Success

In business, as in sports, sometimes you must go around an obstacle to achieve your goal.  According to NY Amsterdam News that is exactly what the black owned and operated Caribbean-based start-up airline did to finish in the black, this year. While all of the major airlines in the Caribbean are losing money, and carrying …

Goals are Wishes with Deadlines

We are exactly one month from the big “Make a resolution” day. You may know it as New Year’s Day. And if you’re one of the 62% of Americans 1 that make a resolution – stay with me. I’m going to give 3 tips on how to achieve your goals.