Oh Stewardess | 4 year-old Start-Up Airline End-Run its Way to Success

In business, as in sports, sometimes you must go around an obstacle to achieve your goal.  According to NY Amsterdam News that is exactly what the black owned and operated Caribbean-based start-up airline did to finish in the black, this year. While all of the major airlines in the Caribbean are losing money, and carrying …

Almost Famous

Fame is not a destination nor is it a reward of a job well done. Fame is the recognition of an activity -where mass attention is focused on the person perfoming it. This is why fame is fleeting.  It's rare what has happened in that moment can ever be duplicated. Wanna be Famous? Don't Quit!

Wednesday Wisdom | Secret to Success

"You cannot excel at anything you do not love" -Karakurt You cannot excel in what yon do not love, and you cannot love what you do not understand." - Colonel Wilford at Hythe Original quote from "A Volunteer's Narrative of the Hythe course of Instruction in Musketry - Volume 6 1860 Oxford University