Shit happens. Don't immortalize it. If we survive it, internalize what it is left; LOVE. Inspiration Source: Journaling: Out with The Cold

Amid Hurricane destruction, School is Open

In Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands, a 13-year-old girl started her own a school despite the once beautiful island, where she lives, is now in ruins. She wants the younger children to be prepared to advance in their grades when the island returns to normal. In other parts of the island, many remind onlookers they... Continue Reading →

I burn bridges. Anywhere I want to be or anyone I need to see is in the here and now with me.

How to Avoid Failure in 5 Simple Steps

Imagine walking around all day with a song playing in your head - and no one is playing music nearby. Well, for some reason, the Universe deemed it necessary to share, and on repeat, the hook from the dance/soul song "Take Your Time". The SOS Band's Billboard Top 100 song peaked on the charts at... Continue Reading →

Almost Famous

Fame is not a destination nor is it a reward of a job well done. Fame is the recognition of an activity -where mass attention is focused on the person perfoming it. This is why fame is fleeting.  It's rare what has happened in that moment can ever be duplicated. Wanna be Famous? Don't Quit!

Wednesday Wisdom | Secret to Success

"You cannot excel at anything you do not love" -Karakurt You cannot excel in what yon do not love, and you cannot love what you do not understand." - Colonel Wilford at Hythe Original quote from "A Volunteer's Narrative of the Hythe course of Instruction in Musketry - Volume 6 1860 Oxford University  

There's a  journalism maxim that I live by: "YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST STORY" It’s quite a humbling thought that definitely keeps me motivated to do and be my best, every day. No matter what I do, no matter how grand it WAS, my accomplishments are only as good as that last story.... Continue Reading →

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