Pleasure of Privilege

I accosted a man today.   Maybe accost is a strong word but his initial body language indicated that I might have invaded his space.  Before the encounter he was moving at a leisurely pace with his canine ... a pooch who looked a lot like this ... and my curiosity pulled me into his... Continue Reading →

In Case of Emergency Break Down

"Thank you for flying, United," I said to every one of the passengers as they deplaned onto the jet bridge leading into LAX, Los Angeles's bustling airport.  Before deplaning the Airbus 320, an elderly couple stopped in front of me and the wife said, "It's disgraceful that you have taken us out of our way.... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning | Unlocking Spiritual Closets

“Niagara Falls” is a popular vaudeville comedy skit where performers exploit repressed memories and its triggers.In the skit, "Niagara Falls" two comedians meeting for the first time engage in polite conversation. This continues until one uses “Niagara Falls” in the conversation.“Niagara Falls” seems to be the trigger that takes the comedian back to an unpleasant... Continue Reading →

If you're the bringer of the light then you have three-fold purpose.  First, you must know you're the light-bearer.   Second, you light the way.  Third,  you must ignite the flame in others.  All the jobs are important.  If you neglect any, remember everyone in your world will be left in the dark.

How to Avoid Failure in 5 Simple Steps

Imagine walking around all day with a song playing in your head - and no one is playing music nearby. Well, for some reason, the Universe deemed it necessary to share, and on repeat, the hook from the dance/soul song "Take Your Time". The SOS Band's Billboard Top 100 song peaked on the charts at... Continue Reading →

Travel Tuesday I You Can’t Get There From Here

Imagine you’re on a flight that takes about four hours from departure to arrival.  When you reach the fourth hour, you realize you are nowhere near your destination. What’s worse, you’ll have a to make an unscheduled stop that’s about 1-hour’s drive-time from your original destination.   How would you feel? Frustrated?  Angry? Relieved?  Your emotional... Continue Reading →

Whose Power Is It Anyway?

Are you watching the paranoia-inducing television show “Mr. Robot” on USA Network? Universal Cable Productions greenlighted season 2 before the first episode aired.  For good reason, too; the show is not brainless fodder; it’s actually thought-provoking. Now season 2 is underway and it’s as gripping as a train-wreck in real time. The activity that fuels the... Continue Reading →

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