Specializing in MarCom/PR Strategies

that build viable and engaged communities around corporate brands. Communication consultant who has a laser focus on content, community and commerce.  Committed to helping corporate brands achieve their external/internal communication goals by building and implementing  a strong customer experience program that helps organizations align the  public image with their brand identity.   Experienced in: Digital... Continue Reading →

Broadcast News Live or Scripted

  It was the summer of 2000 when the small Northern Central West Virginia town, the site of an apparent hate crime, found itself in the national spotlight.  I, too, shined a light as one of the CBS network affiliate reporters assigned to cover the vigil scheduled for the Marion County Courthouse in Fairmont. I... Continue Reading →

News Hook | Pitches Get Inches

A few short months before Black Enterprise featured my digital sales strategy in its March 2007 TechWatch feature "Make Money The E-Marketing Way" there was talk of Sales 2.0 in 2006. This upgraded selling tactic would morph into the term: Social Selling. While I was unaware of this movement to take selling to a new... Continue Reading →

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