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Media strategist  with more than 20 years’ experience who has a laser focus on Content, Community, and Commerce. I help tell the story that creates positive brand equity for the business.

I specialize in strategic marketing, multimedia communication, and media relations.  Most recently, I’ve worked for clients in the Media and Entertainment, Software/IT, Financial Services and, Retail industries. I’ve helped them grow their communities, gained national attention for them, garnering nearly a million dollars in earned media.

I’m committed to helping business owners achieve external and internal communication goals that help them successfully connect with their customers.

Skilled at getting media coverage for executives to successfully connect with their community and increase their real-world and digital presence quickly.

Also experienced in:

  • Digital Platform & Trade Book Publishing:
    Book marketing and sales.
  • Broadcast Television and Radio Industry
    News Reporting, film producing (short documentary) announcer, on-air talent, etc.
  • Non-Profit Organizations working in adult and child basic education; economic development; destination travel & tourism and neighborhood revitalization
  • Airline industry: global travel & tourism with a focus on hospitality

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