Help Desk: FOG Disposal

An easy way to use your disposable items such as, a used Starbucks coffee bag and newspaper plastic bag, to dispose of Fats, Oils and Grease accumulated after cooking your delicious meals. 

Help Desk: Electronics Repair

Ever call your cable company for assistance and the CSR (customer service representative) asks for the equipment serial number from the back or bottom of the box? Don't unplug. Just take a photo of the sticker and recite the number. Registering new equipment? Works perfectly for those too tiny to read serial numbers too. Snap... Continue Reading →

Email Account Hacked? Once you recover your email account Keep it Private: Don't make public email addresses you use to  sign-up for online accounts.  Use a different email address  for public contact.  Also use the two-step security measure that most Email Hosting/ISP offer.  It's extra work but since we do so much online it's better... Continue Reading →

A look into the black hole known as facebook ...  My story will reveal" "You can check in, but you can't check out". Want to know more about txt fyi? here's some  background -

Shopping is a social activity. No matter what you're selling; take a page out of the Social Selling manual and remember “All Business is Personal” Source: Paid Reviews

  Maybe it’s the lure of the internet; or a desire to write novels or maybe it’s your vocation. No matter how you’ve found yourself in the world’s second oldest profession; how can you "write what you know" if you don't know for whom you're writing? Source: Help Desk: 3 steps to decide if “Write... Continue Reading →

As an author or novelist, you have most likely participated in your fair share of book signings and author events; but have you considered making the rounds on the lecture circuit? It could be a lucrative source of income revenue. Source: Help Desk | Speakers Bureau

Writer’s Hack – Turn your screenplay into a novel.  Your odds increase exponentially in landing a book agent (New York/East Coast). Those agents represent fiction and non-fiction writers.  Once you find an agent and get your book placed with a trade book publisher – there’s a chance your book can be optioned to film. NOTE: Do... Continue Reading →

How does a product become empowered to practically fly off the shelves, taking with it other less desirable products? The answer is simple. It seduces everyone by its packaging.  Your favorite goodies are packaged to be desirable first, so it will become a lifetime habit. Package Your Novel to sell itself too. Source: Help Desk: Your novel... Continue Reading →

Conference Exhibiting is another way to knock on a backdoor market to reach your readers.   If you’re only exhibiting your books at book conventions you’re missing out on quite a few opportunities. Heard of American Philosophical Association?  American Library Association?  How about the Association of Study of Higher Education? Did you know they and many other associations host about 352,300*  conferences and meetings that are... Continue Reading →

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