Response to Stephanie Danger

YouTube, TikTok, and sometimes Instagram have been great educational tools. These platforms show nature in all its glory – and we are slowly learning we are not above nature.

We are Nature.

For the past 12000 years, the onset of patriarchy, Powers-that-be, convinced us (for their monetary gains and supremacy)  that we were separate from nature. They did their best to keep us ignorant. I’d say gaslighting began back then when sexualizing women became a tool of oppression. But The Creation of Patriarchy” by Gerda Lerner, Ph.D. offers, “women have collaborated in their own subordination and have sometimes internalized values which have subordinated them,” — meaning we can also unlearn those values and reclaim our power.

Outlaw Women

Dear Millennials/Gen Z women, 

All I know is bodily autonomy. 

Any other way of life is foreign to me. We’ve always had legal access to health care. Therefore, no one my age has ever had to perform self-surgery with household items. Silent generation and older baby boomer women shared those cautionary tales to remind us that we weren’t always free. And until today, women’s health care options have been federally protected. Unfortunately, this is uncharted territory for some of us older women.

We failed to keep your rights safe. I’m sorry.

But make no mistake; a woman will still choose her path. We always have. All the Supreme Court majority decision did was an attempt to create outlaws. 

As Merriam Webster defines,” a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law.”

So if it’s lawlessness the United States wants, it’s on. We got your back, young women, and we’ll follow your lead. It’s time for some #goodtrouble

Oh Stewardess | Houston, We Have a Problem

But finding your way around George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby (HOU) Airports in Houston is not one.

Houston airport System (Fly2Houston) will be the first in the world to offer way-finding, turn-by-turn, technology, and for some travelers, the best news is no new APP is required.  Once the traveler enters one of the Houston airports, they can launch their device’s browser to connect to the interactive map.  According to the news release, airport officials sent on Monday,

“Maps Online,” from Locus Labs, provides

 “transit path” directions that will take the user from their originating point to their destination with the most direct and efficient path possible.”

As someone who was once based in Houston, you will want to go off the beaten path.   There are retail shops and a bunch of eateries that offer everything from delicious Asian foods to “Real Food” (not a description but the name of the restaurant), where you can get the best pulled-pork, corn on the cob, barbecue chicken with generous sides of sweet potatoes, baked spuds,  cornbread, grilled vegetables or raw fresh vegetables for the best tossed -salads.

If you are looking for last-minute gifts such as cowboy boots and Stetson hats, this new map, turn-by-turn technology will be your best travel companion to find all the Houston Airport Systems has to offer.

There’s just one drawback, IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport) boasts of the best on-time performance – so you won’t have too much time to spend there between flights.

Happy Travels!