A Mystery Awaits

Each day is a gift. It’s amazing how easy we forget. We wake-up to our present.  We push it aside and, look back on the past.   We sneak a peek at our neighbor’s present. We try to guess the future. Before we drift off, we take one last glimpse at our present. We promise to... Continue Reading →

Course Correction?

We must begin to pay closer attention to our natural laws, such as cause and effect.   It's nipping at our heels while showing it doesn't discriminate. We'll all fall victim even if we didn't contribute because we did nothing to change our course. Sow love, reap love...

Amid Hurricane destruction, School is Open

In Virgin Gorda, The British Virgin Islands, a 13-year-old girl started her own a school despite the once beautiful island, where she lives, is now in ruins. She wants the younger children to be prepared to advance in their grades when the island returns to normal. In other parts of the island, many remind onlookers they... Continue Reading →

What we seek is hidden in plain sight. We put it there to create mystery in our lives.

I burn bridges, not people. Well, that is, if they aren't crossing when the fire flares up.

In Case of Emergency Break Down

"Thank you for flying, United," I said to every one of the passengers as they deplaned onto the jet bridge leading into LAX, Los Angeles's bustling airport.  Before deplaning the Airbus 320, an elderly couple stopped in front of me and the wife said, "It's disgraceful that you have taken us out of our way.... Continue Reading →

Oh Stewardess | Houston, We Have a Problem

but finding your way around George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby (HOU) Airports in Houston is not one. Houston airport System (Fly2Houston) will be the first in the world to offer way-finding, turn-by-turn, technology and for some travelers, the best news is no new APP is required.  Once the traveler enters one... Continue Reading →

Oh Stewardess | Hart and Seoul Travel

See what I did there.  Heh, heh. For those who don't know - I live and work here in the Atlanta Metro. So, from time to time Oh, Stewardess will feature travel news reports as it relates to the world's busiest airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and our hometown airline, the sometime customer-service challenged, PR... Continue Reading →

Author Digs Facts to Tell Story of First Black Female Aviator by Nita Lelyveld dateline: Washington - She was pioneer American Aviator. Her flight drew big crowds. She was daring and exciting and beautiful, too. And she died tragically while flying, But unlike her contemporary Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman made no splash in history. Bessie... Continue Reading →

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