A Soldier’s Heart Re-Membered

I feel like I’ve read this post before – and I’ve read it in its entirety every time. The thing is, this year, your message informed my response to Veteran’s Day. It didn’t feel suitable to post thank you to veterans because I didn’t understand what I was thanking them for – that is, until this morning when I reread your post.

Often, we do things without thinking it through, but our heart tugs at us to do something and participate anyway. But what if MA’at also means consulting with your logical brain and feeling your heart before acting?

What if Maat represents the mind, the balance of logic and feeling. What if listening to men is a symbol of logic and listening to women is consulting the heart? When I looked up the etymology of Maat, the website listed “truth.”
I don’t know the word’s etymology in its indigenous language – but this is the path my mind wandered down this morning.

In doing so, I realized I could say “thank you” to veterans- not for their results, necessarily, but for their heart’s intent. The heart knows what we keep hidden from ourselves – and maybe they fought for the cause of Balance and Justice. This is my takeaway after listening to NPR’s Tiny Desk honoring 25 years of The Lion King on Broadway. Oddly, NPR posted the concert on 11/11/22.

As I listened to their singing, understanding can result when consulting both our heart and the binary programming for the brain (logic) to achieve truth through discernment.

So once again, thank you for sharing this awakening prose.


If “30 is the new 20”, will we ever grow old?

Welcome to Middle Age.

I have two words of advice, “Let Go.”

Many of our family, friends and loved ones are turning 40. However, the 50s approach with a quickness. So, as you’re blowing out the candles on 40, be ready to release to the unknown. Loosen your grip on the familiar before getting to the other side of 50.

And here’s why.

In our youth, we contemplate physical and financial planning. We rarely think, if at all, about our body’s mortality or our mental and spiritual preparedness. We stop getting ready when we begin to grow our families. Some with young ones may not notice the years slipping away because our babies keep us tethered to a youth-oriented way of life. Others allow memories of their youth to keep reliving those glory days.

Instead, we should use those memories as stair steps to move up, over, and through the transformation.

Clinging to the past keeps us from transitioning into and being fully present in a new phase. Therefore, preparing to complete the shift is the key to aging mightily.

Not sure what it looks like to age without a presence of mind? Observe someone struggling with a process that already has an easy-button solution, and they refuse to use it because “This is how it’s always been done.” Not a good look, is it?

Instead, follow the inner light that guides us toward a new path of discovery. Remain open to using our imagination.

From the outside, it may look like a midlife crisis. But let’s unpack “crisis.” It unfolds, first, with denial, saying the 50s is the new 40s – but is it?

In our 40s, the drivers of our capitalistic society find us useful and beckon us to continue to participate in its trappings. Yet, if we’re honest, we notice that this lifestyle is unsustainable. If it’s impossible to continue on the path – the point becomes a crisis, also known as a turning point. At that moment, we move from doing what we’ve always done to not knowing what to do next.

The Next becomes a change of life.

And many might find it the most challenging part of life. But don’t despair. Hormones trigger our physical changes – but we have some control over our mental and spiritual metamorphosis. We can choose a mental resurrection and continue to evolve.

The challenge is letting go and accepting that we might emerge as someone unrecognizable to our former selves. Or surrendering to an ethereal existence. Kind of like the caterpillar, who lets go of its known life to become a new entity.

Welcome to middle age. Next stop, a new you awaits.

Artistry of Life

Happy Autumnal Equinox! ♎

LOVE is an energy that animates all things. It exists in everything. You must uncover LOVE within yourself before you can accept it in others. LOVE allows you to see the perfect LIGHT in yourself and others. LOVE is seeing someone not as they see themselves but better. Once you’ve grasped the power of LOVE, you can see the brightest LIGHT in them.

LOVE is also a Guidance System. Consider the utility of LOVE in this context.

TRUTH is the natural law of the Universe. TRUTH is CHANGE. TRUTH may look like CHAOS, but TRUTH is motion. When you focus on the LIGHT of LOVE, it allows you to move with and through the CHANGE, the only constant in the Universe.

Happy Autumnal Equinox! May you see the LIGHT OF LOVE to carry you through the season.