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Storage Unit: A Tale of Possession and Hidden Treasure

Storage Unit

When you think about a storage unit – what comes to mind?  The A & E reality TV show “Storage War$”? The always increasing rental fee?  When I think of storage unit, today, the word “Store” as in selling, comes to mind.

Especially for a passionate saleswoman such as me.   When I sell something, close the deal, as they say, I get a rush.  A high as if I just finished eating chocolate.    So when I no longer wanted the expense of renting a storage unit – I decided “everything must go.” And it did…

You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry… 1

We often hear these proverbs bandied about – so much in fact they’ve become cliché. That is UNTIL the meaning becomes personal.   That particular saying became very personal on April 1, 2016 – the day I ended my storage unit contract.

Today, sadly, I regret it.