If you're the bringer of the light then you have three-fold purpose.  First, you must know you're the light-bearer.   Second, you light the way.  Third,  you must ignite the flame in others.  All the jobs are important.  If you neglect any, remember everyone in your world will be left in the dark.

Your Friendship Style Can Harm Your Business and Career.

All commercial transactions are based on relationships.   All selling is social - whether you work a 9 to 5, are looking for a job, or are an entrepreneur; your friendship style can assist you achieving your professional goal or push it further away.  Therefore, it's important to know "friend" style. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, lived as a wife, divorcee, an alleged "side chick" and at 58 years old she married a prince / heir apparent.  They've been married since 2005. One day, the Duchess could possibly live as Princess Consort... Love, in all its forms, is the Philosopher's Stone and brings magic to life.  Live... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger’s Award

Mystery Blogger’s Award It’s an honor to reciprocate this award, but there is a little work to put into it: Post the award/ image on your blog (above) Thank whoever nominated you and give a link back to their blog. Mention the creator of the award and give a link back to their blog. Nominate... Continue Reading →

Attn: Yo-Yo Dieters 

Lost weight? Gained weight over the winter? Thinking of cleaning out your clothes closet? Don't toss 'em.  Size rack  'em. And if your friends stay in your closet - well now it's easier for them to pick and choose. These size dividers come 3 to each size  small, med, large, XL and XXL and 0-28... Continue Reading →

You are who you are…

You are who you are.  You just need to find where your talents can make a difference. In other words, you must find where you fit. Let me back up a bit. The conversation that led to this epiphany began how it always starts - with gossip. My daughter mentioned that a married couple, we... Continue Reading →

Smart People Show their Work

Just like a diamond sparkles when light hits it, showing its superior cut and clarity– smart people have evidence of their brilliance. Think back to elementary school when a teacher assigned a math problem, you supplied the answer and the teacher marked it wrong. Or maybe your teacher wasn't so harsh and instead gave you... Continue Reading →

Discussion: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones's baby is the 3rd installment of the Bridget Jones' saga... The first one was thoroughly enjoyable.  Second, likable. The third and latest was released September 2016 and I absolutely hated it. The movie made me angry. I stopped watching three times before I finally finished it.   When the final credits finished rolling I... Continue Reading →

Whose Got Your Ear?

What if thinking is nothing more than listening.  An output or evidence of the brain's receiving capabilities. What if the brain picks up a signal, tunes into a channel and receives the transmission? What if it's getting increasingly more difficult to quiet our mind because we're now jamming the airwaves with meaningless conversations via our... Continue Reading →

Dragonfly (2002) – Sister Madeline

"There are 100 steps on the ladder of consciousness between being fully alert and being dead. To put a patient under, they bring them down only to the 10th rung.  Beneath that is a descending gray-scale like the depths of an ocean no one has explored."  

We may be "woke" but only to the level of consciousness exhibited through the depth of understanding.  Synthesis displayed by the use of knowledge to rise to the height of this existence, together.

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