Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone

In 2016, there were 156 million non-Hispanic and  70 million racial/ethnic minority eligible voters. Of those 70 million racial/ethnic eligible voters; 27,338 were black eligible voters (roughly 12,019,000 black men and 15,319,283* black women) 16,400,000 black eligible voters (Men and Women) cast a ballot in Election 2016. 60% (or 9,191,570) black women reported they voted. ... Continue Reading →

Remembering those who served in the military and have now departed. Thank You for your sacrifice. #MemorialDay2017

Home Going: Remembering Legends

The sisters of my mother's father and my mother's mother both passed away this month within weeks of each other. Interestingly, on that ominous night of her passing, my grand-aunt told her daughter that she had the opportunity to witness President Obama serve his terms as a president - and she was satisfied. My grand-aunt was... Continue Reading →

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