BRAND NEWS Quarterly

“Storytelling is my passion. And Brand stories are a surefire way to build an engaged community around a single idea.”     

Mel Hopkins, an experienced, passionate storyteller, shows entrepreneurs and employees how to craft a personal brand identity.

Brand News Q4 2020 On Sale Now features Build-A-Brand Basics “Show Us Your Superpower!” In this issue, What can Marvel superheroes teach us about winning with weakness? A middle-aged woman walks off the job, determined to start a new business. But after years of working on a team, she can’t remember how to stand out in her field. Learn how she rediscovered her brand, gained new insight on how and what makes her special. Will those tools work for you, help re-energize your brand, and get you noticed too? Subscribe today ! Let’s get you started!

Brand News Q3 2020 features Build-A-Brand Basics. Bios for Social Networks and Beyond. In Brand News, you’ll learn how to write a bio that captures and grows an audience in real life, and on any social network. Let’s get started.

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