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Cover @chelsseizelife           eBook $1.99                


A sex scandal is rocking the White House.  Small-town reporter Nicole Jettison is having psychic visions that point to a political conspiracy that leads right to the Oval Office. Jettison is determined to retrieve evidence that will confirm her visions and uncover the plot to remove a sitting president from office. If she’s successful she’ll have the scoop of the decade.  That is, if she can avoid becoming a casualty.


51NYU4FKy1L._SS500_What should be a normal school year for 1st year college student Nicole Jettison turns out to be anything but at this east coast catholic university. Cheerleader tryouts, sorority rushes, basketball games and a lot of school work should be par for the course but Jettison has opted for the extra-curricular activities of unmasking shape-shifting drug dealers, sorcery and a night course in fallen-angels. In the end, Jettison doesn’t just get a passing grade but a gift from otherworldly beings looking to change their fate and maybe the fate of the world too. Sleeping with a D-Man an epic supernatural tale of forbidden love, conspiracy and sacrifice.  ePreview

 eBook $4.99


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