QR Codes for Book Advertising

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Any indies here who print through LULU.com?

If you’ve signed up for their email distribution, you’ll notice that LULU.com, the print on demand technology company, runs a sale on their print products practically every other day.

At first, I thought because I was an author/publisher those discounts only applied to my account.

Then, I caught a clue. I was receiving notification because ALL Lulu print products were on sale at Lulu’s cost, not MINE!

It was a boon for us who printed through Lulu to also advertise the Lulu sale to the public while promoting our books.

And we’d still get our full royalty!

In 2012, I created a QR code advertising the Lulu sale and, I posted it on my twitter account.  Note: This is practically free advertising for you and if you make a sale, customer acquisition cost is nearly zero!

The tweet looked like this:

A tweet with QR code Photo Attachment
QR Codes for Book Advertising

Yes, it was a tongue-in-cheek flirty ad-copy.  At the time folks were sliding up in DMs on the regular.

You can create any ad-copy to go with your QR code. You can also use it on your blog.  However, this is yet another way to sell your book without amazon dot com. The bonus: your readers can get a discount too.

I’ve since retired this book from online retailers so if you scan the code it will take you to the Lulu shop.

Note: Here’s a site I found on the web – https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com . I also have a QR Reader IOS app by Tap media on my phone. There are also desktop readers available too.

I’m always thinking of ways to keep advertising costs low so I can keep most of my royalties. You can do the same by adding these tips to your marketing plan.