Where in the World? | To the East

Where in the world is there a Christmas tradition to exchange apples? This hotelier put 3 apples in my room every day.

This 5-star accommodation is in the heart of the city’s business district. It’s near this commercial-residential high-rise that boasts 100% occupancy. Businesses located there include Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, NBA (yes, that NBA) and a high-end luxury brand mall.

I didn’t shop there during my 3-day stay. Instead, I hopped a train and went to “stores” flanked with armed guards and security cameras. I bought pink sweater Uggs, Prada tote bag, 2 Louis Vuitton handbags, MAC eyeliner, 4 Hollywood blockbuster DVDs, Apple accessories; all that hadn’t been released yet in the U.S. I made it through the US Border Patrol and Customs because all of it cost about 700 RMB.

Note: If you cab it, don’t put your bags in the trunk. Rumor has it, a passenger shares liability. You may have to leave the cab, in a hurry.