This Page Unintentionally Left Blank

You read right, I didn’t want a blank page. I just didn’t know what to write. I’d wake up with a message some entity whispered in my ear.

Today, I got nothing.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I tuned into the Weather Channel just in time to hear a United Airlines flight from Houston made an emergency landing at College Station, Texas.

Smoke filled the cabin forcing the plane to divert from its destination.

A smoke detector went off alerting the crew to the onboard emergency according to news reports.

The passengers and crew deplaned safely.

Fire officials say the smoke was in the fuselage.

I wouldn’t write about an air travel mishap, but this was disturbing.

Right before I resigned, Houston was my domicile. Although, I don’t think I knew anyone on the flight.

What jolted me was the fact I wrote about this scenario in the  Fight The Fire  one week ago on December 15th.

I wrote about smoke in the airplane cabin as an allegory about being distracted by fear.    I didn’t think there would be an actual smoke-filled-cabin emergency.

So, I began to wonder about the power of thoughts.

I’m a firm believer that


My tagline suggests that I turn thoughts into matter.

And while I meant it literally; if I thought I could manifest matter out of the words I write here, the line from the Bugs Bunny cartoon “HARE BRUSH” would fill the pages.




“My Name is Elmer J Fudd, Millionaire.  I own and mansion and yacht.”

A psychiatrist forces Bugs Bunny to repeat those words over and over until he believes he’s Elmer J Fudd.
He’s not Elmer, but the real Elmer tricked him into trading places.

Spoiler Alert: It worked. But the real Fudd turned the tables on his nemesis to escape incarceration.

Here we see the power of the words and their ability to materialize something into being.

So, on the outside chance, my words do matter; I thought I’d be careful what I write.

If my words can fill a plane with smoke and force it to land 7 minutes after take-off; it’s best to choose my words wisely.

I don’t want my PC declared a lethal weapon.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve.

May Your Holidays be Merry, Bright and Filled with Love.