Go to the Light

Pure Light, 2012 Adger Cowans (b. 1936) Digital photograph National Museum of African American History and Culture


In Italian, the literal translation of “to give birth” — “dare alla luce” — is: “to give to the light”.”


I was watching Under the Tuscan Sun when heard this quote  And it confirmed what I’d learned during my near death experience.

To be clear, I didn’t need confirmation of my NDE.  It was as real to me as typing these words.

During my timeout, I was at peace. Then, I remembered there was something left undone back here on earth.  As quickly as I thought it, I found myself traveling the light to return to this dimension.

Out of darkness, we leave our mother’s womb.

Out of darkness, we individuate from the higher consciousness.

We return to the light to be born.

Our language confirms the truth that in the light we transform.