Got Snow? Feel the Burn…

Want to burn almost 1000 calories* in less than 2 hours?

In the midst of Georgia’s Snow Daze this weekend I did just that shoveling snow from my driveway.

It wouldn’t have been so labor-intensive if I didn’t have a side-facing garage.

I lived in Illinois for more than 10-years. And I learned a side-facing garage is lovely right up until you get hit with a snowstorm.

There was a blizzard before I left. And you’ll see I found myself knee-deep in the snow.

Living in Georgia, I thought my snow days were far behind me. I thought it was safe to have a side-facing garage.

Surprise, surprise!

Douglas County got more than 5  inches of snow between Friday and Saturday morning.

So once again, I found myself shoveling the calories away.

Shoveling isn’t for the faint of heart. Please don’t shovel if you’re not physically fit.

For those who live an active lifestyle, here are few shoveling safety tips I learned working as a flight attendant.

A flight attendant’s job is physically engaging.  From pulling a Rollaboard through the concourse and stowing it in overhead bins. To pushing and pulling 250-lb beverage cart through the aisle against G-force. To stocking and restocking cases of sodas. It is easy to get injured on the job.

So, with that in mind, my former employer, United Airlines hired vendors, such as Backsafe, to teach us flight attendants how to stay safe.

They taught us how to lift, pull, and push heavy objects without getting injured.

While shoveling today, I used tips Backsafe, the injury prevention specialist, provided during their presentation.

I remembered to:

  • Keep the light-weight shovel close to my body.

Since I wanted to get the most out of my workout, I didn’t push the snow away. I lifted a small amount of snow, walked with it and dumped it.

  • When it was time to lift the snow-filled shovel, I bent low with my knees, while keeping my back straight.
  • I used my leg muscles to lift the snow. I stood with my head up while holding the shovel close to me.
  • I turned in the direction to dump the snow. Don’t twist at the waist.

I shoveled the driveway in about an hour and a half.

Unfortunately, I forgot to stretch before taking on the task.






So, if snow is heading your way, here is a 3-minute workout courtesy of Backsafe. 








Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays.

*Harvard Health Publishing Havard Medical School Calories Chart