No Fry-Zone

When I would fry chicken, the odor would linger long after dinner.

The grease droplets clung to the walls, wrapped around my hair strands and onto my clothes.   I would put on a plastic shower cap before frying chicken.  After finishing, I would throw my clothes in the wash.

If I forgot to change and go to the store; I’d make everyone hungry.

I’d rarely fry chicken in the winter. I wouldn’t fry chicken during the dog-days of summer either.  The smell would get into the air conditioner vents.   With the fall weather days here, it’s a perfect time to fry chicken.  Except, low temperatures don’t eliminate the need for cleaning.

So, I thought to fry the chicken on the grill.

It’s not as intuitive as many might think.  The charcoal grill, with a side firebox, is excellent for slow roasting.  It’s difficult, however, to maintain hot oil for deep-frying.

The first time I tried it, it was a bust. The chicken lost its flavor.  The oil wasn’t hot enough. The flour soaked up too much grease.


Here’s the secret to fried chicken on the grill.

Aside: This post assumes you know how to prepare chicken for frying.

1) Fire up the charcoal in the side firebox.

2) Heat up to 200+ degrees Fahrenheit.

3) Put the cast-iron frying pan on the grill on the side firebox.

4) Add vegetable oil to the frying pan.

5) In 30+ minutes, the frying pan will be hot.

Dug, our Shih Tzu, told me when the oil was hot.  In fact, all the neighborhood pooches let me know. smh

6) Place the chicken tenders in the hot oil.

7) The frying will slow down; they are NOT ready.

8) Remove from oil and put aside.

9) Remove the cast iron frying pan from the side firebox.

10) Put aluminum foil on the grill and finish cooking the chicken tenders.

Cleanup is limited to removing the ashes from the grill.

Happy Frying!