Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone

In 2016, there were 156 million non-Hispanic and  70 million racial/ethnic minority eligible voters.

Of those 70 million racial/ethnic eligible voters; 27,338 were black eligible voters (roughly 12,019,000 black men and 15,319,283* black women)

16,400,000 black eligible voters (Men and Women) cast a ballot in Election 2016.

60% (or 9,191,570) black women reported they voted.  And media reports indicated 94% (or 8,640,076) of those black women, who voted, cast a ballot for the Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote.  Today, she’s a private citizen.  Here’s what the election outcome looks like when black people go to the polls or don’t.

2016, 59% black voter turnout – WH Resident 45*

2012, 66.6% black voter turnout – President Barack Obama,

2008, 65% black voter turnout – President Barack Obama

2004, 60% black voter turnout – President George W Bush

When black people get out and vote in the presidential elections or even an off-year gubernatorial election, a democrat wins the White House/Governor’s mansion.   This is important because more than 2/3 of state legislatures are run by Republicans.  2/3 state legislatures and 2/3 congress (House/Senate) is all that’s needed to amend the U.S. Constitution.

If you, black people, don’t get your cousins n’em to the polls  (November 7, 2017 (Utah)  December 12, 2017 (Alabama) November 6, 2018 (general), you might as well knock on  Ghana’s door and find out if they still have an open-door policy.

~”Joni Mitchell Never lied”

*2014 US Census

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