Right to Drive? Women and girls, HIV and AIDS

Women are often vulnerable to HIV due to unequal gender relations which affects their ability to negotiate condom use.

Great, women in Saudi Arabia are “allowed” to drive.

In West Africa, girls and women (10-24 years old) account for
64% of all new HIV cases. In East and South Africa, it’s about 50%

because, wait for it – –

“unequal cultural, social and economic status in society.”

Yes, women are disproportionately affected by HIV because they fear forced sterilization, virginity exams, abortions without consent. In 29 countries, African women need spousal/partner consent to see a gynecologist. Let us not forget Female Genital Mutilation  and the risk HIV transmission.

The men don’t suffer the same fate or rate of transmission.

Yippee – driving rights.

How about the effing right to sense of agency and the right to life for women?

Since I live here in America you better believe I’m going to speak out on women’s rights, without apology. At least, I can use my voice to make sure our daughters here have a say in how they want to live.

Preferably, free.

Source: Women and girls, HIV and AIDS