Programming Change

The difference between self-publishing and trade-book publishing is formula. Just like blockbuster movies that feature “Beautiful WASPs having sex”, trade-book publications follow a format, a safe comfortable, format.

One that programs and conditions us to perform a certain way and keeps us “wanting” so that we remain consumers.

Some self-published books simply tell a story – with or without characters in desire mode. Yes, that makes some readers uncomfortable. But even in a poorly written story there is a message – there’s a chance to get out of your own head and into someone else’s.

Therefore, readers who are looking for the familiar, please, please steer clear of self-published books. At least for the sake , for the sake of all independent publishers.
Many of us want to share our stories without harming you psychologically. We have no nefarious motives – no brain mind melds – just want to tell a story the way it flows from our heart in hopes of finding yours.

It really is that simple.

For those who are looking to leave their “literary” comfort zone and are interested in reading the words of writers who are not interested in making you feel comfortable but rather choose to share experiences that may or may not conform to tradition
You are welcomed to the conversation. That all a book is, by the way, a conversation in print.

I am so sick of people who pretend to be connoisseurs of great literature, when if that were true they could read the content on a toilet paper packaging and find meaning.

What these alleged literary critics are ignoring is,

“It is a fact that the largest part of the planet’s media is owned by right-wing moguls. Their intention is to further the virus of capitalism and maintain the world’s gap between rich and those in need. “

The quote is from a comment (probably spam) left on my blog. I finally decided to approve it because it contains a valid claim – one that we should all remember because the world is currently divided into the haves and the have-nots; 1% and 99% . If you’re not in the top 1% ask yourself how does it benefit you to destroy someone’s attempt to stop consuming long enough to produce something that they can sell without asking permission? How does it benefit you to do the bidding of big business, providing your labor for free, when you’re not on the clock?.

Short answer – It doesn’t. You’re not a slave. Free your mind.