Oh Stewardess | 4 year-old Start-Up Airline End-Run its Way to Success

photo of ribbon cutting ceremony at Fly Jamaica Airways Ticket Office
NY Amsterdam News – ribbon-cutting ceremony http://www.fly-jamaica.com

In business, as in sports, sometimes you must go around an obstacle to achieve your goal.  According to NY Amsterdam News that is exactly what the black owned and operated Caribbean-based start-up airline did to finish in the black, this year.

While all of the major airlines in the Caribbean are losing money, and carrying debts totaling more than $50 million annually, a small upstart airline, now in its fourth year of operation, is moving to expand and open new routes.

Fly Jamaica Airways, owned mainly by Captain Ronald Reece and his wife Roxanne, is about to purchase aircraft to add to the fleet of 767s and 757s, operating between Canada, the Caribbean and United States.  In addition to ticket offices in Queens serving Indo-Caribbean customers, they recently opened a new ticket office on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, a neighborhood where most of their Afro-Caribbean customers reside.

End-Run : To avoid artfully

According to the Amsterdam report, the Reece family were unable to register the airline in their native Guyana due to what the Reece family say was the Indo-dominated government granting licenses and permits to friends and family while neglecting their requests.  The Reece family decided to register and set up operations in neighboring country Jamaica, instead.

Fly Jamaica Airways has routes serving Guyana, Jamaica, Toronto, Canada and New York.  The family say when they receive approval from cabinet in the Guyana they will add additional flights to Cuba.

Have you ever had to use an end-run tactic to (legally) achieve your goal?

How did it work out for you?

Source: Afro-owned airline expanding