Easy Pineapple Cake

The first time I made this cake it was on a whim.  I had a few items in my pantry including a can of crushed pineapple.  I put that phrase in a search engine, followed by the term "recipe" to see what results would pop up.  I found this old school recipe for "easy pineapple... Continue Reading →

It all begins with the character.  The story has its genesis in the character. Without the character - there is no story.   Having a problem with writing your novel? Return to the protagonist.  If she's fully developed then maybe she's in the wrong story.

Oh Stewardess, I Speak United

It's hard to speak objectively about an intimate relationship once you're out of it. And I was in one with United Airlines for about 8 years.  When my supervisor pinned my wings, I don't think I was more honored to join an organization. By 2012, two years after the merger with Continental Airlines, the culture... Continue Reading →

Something for Nothing

I hung up the phone and immediately felt verklempt. The caller told me someone recently helped him with his retirement fund.  Now he wanted advice on the best way to continue receiving that help for cheap. Insert -> Ah-Ha moment. Some folks will gladly use your time and not compensate you. If they do attempt... Continue Reading →

Dependable You?

You can choose wisely, be an excellent decision-maker but when it comes to taking action, if you have no follow-through then it is all for naught. Can you count on yourself to do what's best?  Even if that best thing is for you? What would prevent you - guilt? Station? Letting down others around you?... Continue Reading →

Time is No Respecter of Persons

Life is woven; it's not linear. Yet, we engage life based on some imaginary biological clock's progression. This is both redundant and presumptive. Proper living is making use of available resources regardless of what "socially constructed" stage we find ourselves. For example, my godson wasn't legally allowed to drive at two years of age so... Continue Reading →

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