Travel Pro Tip: Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

It’s a familiar scene: after a long uncomfortable flight, a bumpy ride from the airport, long line to check into your hotel that by the time your card-key trips the lock to your room you’re ready to flop on your bed.  Before you do, however, you need something from your luggage and you’re about to plop your bag on the bed –


Act like a Tourist; Think like a Flight Attendant

By now you know flight attendants rarely sleep in the same bed every night and that can be risky with the amount of hotels reporting bed bug infestation each year.

Flight Attendants know the hazards of putting dirty luggage on the bed. Not only does it soil the bed, you risk providing transportation for bed bugs back to your home or other hotels.

One way Flight Attendants avoid becoming casualties of these bloodsucking critters is  simple and easy.

Flight Attendants rarely put their rollaboard luggage on the bed; instead

they use luggage racks.


Here’s a few tips to make sure something smaller than an aspirin doesn’t ruin your travels.

  1. Don’t put your luggage on the bed.
  2. Luggage racks are provided in each hotel room – look in the closet. If none is present, call the hotel desk for one.  Hotel officials don’t want bed bugs infestation either.
  3. Put the luggage rack against the wall away from the bed.  If you have an adjoining suite and you don’t know the other guest, wedge your luggage rack against the adjoining room door. Bonus Travel Safety Pro Tip: If someone enters, you’ll be alerted by the falling luggage.
  4. Flight Attendants share safety information updates regarding their contract hotels via message boards. Check  your travel group or travel websites. If they don’t have updated information about infestation check the Bed Bug Registry.

Travel safe, sleep tight and of course, don’t let the bed bugs bite!