How Are You Doing?

A young woman walked around seemingly dazed and confused. It appeared as if she was looking for something that she would later say she didn’t know she’d lost.

Then it happened.  Something so simple but life changing enough to provide direction.

Her mother stopped what she was doing, turned towards her and asked;

“How are you doing?”

At first, the young woman looked puzzled.  Then, as if a light bulb appeared over her head, she began to speak.

“You know, what?  I was in a dogged pursuit of some answer. I was voraciously consuming all the information I could lay my hands on, to answer something that I didn’t even have a question for; or at least that’s what I thought,” She persisted.

“So, when you asked me “how are you doing” my first inclination was to say “how am I doing what?  I realized, then, that was exactly what I needed to ask myself, ” She continued.

“Your question is what started this search to what I was beginning to think was an exercise in futility.”

The woman added,

“I needed the answer but got so bogged down in the data that I forgot the question. So, how am I doing?


The young woman turned to walk away, now excited to fulfill her mission. In her haste, she forgot to return the favor of asking her mother “How are you doing?”  

Maybe, leaving her mother with her own answers swirling around in her head – without a question to match.

“Seek and ye shall find” but without the right question you may not know of the treasures you behold.