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“Until Negroes address the twisted culture that spawns these violent, hyper-aggressive young males who are toxic by-products of fatherless homes and a celebrated impoverished American Negro “baby mama society” ~ 12, DEAD,Christmas Night,Chicago.

Twisted Culture?  Qu’est-ce que c’est “Twisted Culture?”

“violent, hyper-aggressive young males who are toxic by-products of fatherless homes

Well this would make black boys & black men the key challenge that needs addressing in this cyclical problem. Black women (including single black mothers) are the most educated and employed according to the US Education and Labor Department 2015 statistics. Therefore, it would seem they’re the only responsible group in service to the black community. But they alone are not enough.

So, what is to be done about these black boys and men? How, when and why did they become the black community’s weakest link and make themselves the target of the former and current president?

Mel, I would not characterize Black men as the weak link, the entire chain is broken. Both men and women will need to repair it.

I don’t like to characterize black men as being the weak link either especially when 46% who handle their family responsibilities aren’t. But that leaves black women with sole-custody of 54% of the nation’s black children.

So, if we’re to believe “X” claim of   “a celebrated impoverished American Negro “baby mama society”, in which black women give birth to the children, raise the children, work a job/start a business to maintain the household and get advance academic degrees to provide some semblance of a life for herself and her children; then the only person missing from the 2-parent equation is the man who sired the child(ren).

Black women are left holding the chain. So, you’re correct. Black men who choose to be absent aren’t weak  – they’re the missing links.
There’s no excuses for fathers/men who choose to be absent. Nor is it a woman’s responsibility to get him to return.  A mother/woman raises her children but it’s not her responsibility to raise, repair or rehabilitate a broken man or the relationship from which he walks away.  That is all very much an inside job. His job.

But back to the this “twisted culture”.   Since 2008, births for unmarried black women have declined.  During that same period, there was an increase in advanced degrees conferred to black women, black women started more small businesses even when not receiving the same amount angel funding as their white counterparts; and they became the most employed yet underpaid of all ethnic groups except non-white Hispanics.

A quick search of how black women were able to advance under the Obama administration revealed:

Health & Safety

Affordable Care Act 2014 Preventive Care Clause offered better access to early screenings.

reduced coverage disparities for millions of black women allowing them access to routine health care treatment and check-ups with a primary care physician.

As of January 1, 2017, 32 out 50 states had expanded Medicaid to include most low-income Americans. Health Care Coverage for dependent children up to age 26

“Teen pregnancy among African-American women was at an historic low (2016).

The birth rate per 1,000 African-American teen females has fallen from 60.4 in 2008, before President Obama entered office, to 34.9 in 2014.”

“Obama administration was a critic of domestic violence/sexual assault.

Produced National Awareness Campaign “It’s on Us”.

The Reauthorization of the Violence against Women act in 2013.

Wage Inequality and Economic Marginalization

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in January 2009 (lengthen the statute of limitations for discriminatory pay claims.

Paycheck fairness act in 2014 (failed to pass)

Recovery Act 2009 – increased minimum wage. provided protection of Temporary Assistant to Needy Families. Expansion of income tax credit with most single-headed households receiving a minimum of $1000 per tax return.

JumpStart Our Business Start-up (JOBS) Act

“resulted in a major shift in securities laws that meant the emancipation of capital for minority and women-owned businesses, who traditionally have struggled with gaining access to capital through traditional means. a start-up can publicly raise capital, participate in equity-based crowdfunding and use online tools to find investors, as well as raise up to $50 million from both non-accredited investors and accredited investors (those making at least $200,000 a year or have a million-dollar net-worth).”


$118 million in public-private fund investments to improve the Lives of Women and Girls of Color.  Summit focused on 5 issues areas where intervention can promote opportunities for success – Fostering School Success; Reducing unnecessary of exclusionary discipline, meeting the needs of vulnerable striving youth; inclusive STEM education; sustaining reduced rates for teen pregnancy and aiding in economic prosperity.

Historically Black Colleges & Universities funding to $4 Billion and Pell Grant programs increased by 300 million to $824 million in 2014

Legal and Judicial

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, Justice Department First African-American Woman

Carla Hayden; Librarian of Congress, First African-American & Woman – Librarian of Congress

“Nominated more than 300 judges – 19% confirmed judges are African-American; 62 lifetime appointments & appointments of 53 African-American District Court Judges including 26 African-American women.”

So why is it for the last 8 years,  under the Obama’s Administration black women have flourished, yet many say he did nothing to help black people.

Maybe “the twisted culture”, the commenter  is referring to is the one where black women are out-of-order since they’re no longer as Zora Neale Hurston described;

“De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see”

~Janie Crawford, the heroine of her epic 1937 novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God,

Not anymore.  Someone came along, offered a helping hand and black women accepted.