Default Status

wave-64170_1920A body at rest will stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon it (law of inertia) – Newton’s first law of motion.

First thing that comes to mind of most when applying that law to humans is sloth and laziness

I implore you, however, to look at this law from your perspective.

What is it that you do when you’re at rest?

What is your default status?

What do you do when you’re not required to do anything?

I thought about this status when thinking about my longtime friend.  Although we are born on the same day – we can be so different – even when we’re so much alike.

For example, her default relationship status has always been “couple” where my default is single. Aside from the few years I was married, I’ve been single for most of my life. Even when we were in college she would always find creative ways to  earn money and still does; whereas I was a trust-fund kid and earn cash best when working a 9-to-5.

This got me to thinking about what else I do when an outside force is not in play.

Besides the normal biological functions, my default status: Think, read, write, report; repeat.  This is what I do regardless of  income.  I suspect, however my default could be considered a business model  for some – in fact, Glassdoor, the job search engine and review website, sent me an update that my vocation is worth $86,000+ here in the Atlanta metro.

If it weren’t, however,  then what?

Earlier this week, CNBC reports, Finland began experimenting with this hypothetical – and for the next 2 years about 2000 unemployed citizens will receive universal basic income.

They will receive about 560 euros ($581.48) per month – even if they earn income in other (legal) ways.    As you may have already heard, basic income isn’t a new concept according to the practice dates back to the 16th century as a cure for theft to its present day scenario of San Francisco’s Office of Financial Empowerment looking for ways to close the income inequality gap.

Think about it, what is that you do when no one expects you to do anything.

Basic income might be the key to you doing more of that.