Stop and Smell the Roses, said the White Rabbit

First, according to the internets, the quote is actually:

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. ” 1956 The Walter Hagen Story

So maybe in haste someone combined two quotes: “wake up and smell the coffee and stop and smell the roses” and we got the aforementioned quote in the title.

Secondly, the White Rabbit never said it because he was always on the run.

Which brings me to this; have you ever slowed down long enough to really appreciate each activity you’ve participated in? Sure you may laugh, sing, contemplate, converse, argue, take pictures; whatever you do to give the appearance that you’re present –  but are you?

Traveling the world for 8 years allowed me to see a lot of sights and collect a lot of memories but not a lot of time to experience any of it.  I could blame it on working as a flight attendant, but that would be a lie.  I think I suffer from the malady of being in a rush. Since it’s a contagion, I know I’m not alone.

We spend so much time doing, that it doesn’t leave a lot of time to experience anything.

It took me less than seconds to snap the pictures in this video gallery – but it wasn’t until I began to caption them did I actually participate in the experience.  Each photo, no matter how badly it’s framed, offers the onlooker a chance at a life-time learning experience.

For example, Lima’s beaches are filled with pebbles that are made up of mostly granites, diorites, gabbros and Mesozoic to Cenozoic volcanic rocks” or  the photos of “sex pots”

Moche Pottery
Moche Pottery

produced by Moche, an ancient civilization, tells a story of their beliefs and culture.  Here I share a view of my traipsing through Lima, Peru.

What I’d really like to share, however, is a reminder to become more like the March Hare – and slow down.

(c)2016 MH