Be Prepared Change is Constant

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” When you least expect it, expect it”

Those words never rang truer for me than this weekend. I was scheduled to go to London on Saturday but after one 1-hour delay due to what I overheard was “a broken toggle switch cover” and 1 hour in the air, the flight’s captain informed us we were returning to O’Hare due to a faulty hydraulics system…

Seriously Dude,”  I thought. “Doesn’t that have something to do with the jet’s brakes?”

Insert “Airplane” movie clip…”Flight 958 now arriving at Gate 45, —46, —-47, —- 48 …

The captain advised us(the cabin crew) the landing would be “fast and long”.  Now maybe under any other circumstances that might be ideal; but this meant with no brakes, FLT 958 Heavy (we were flying on a Boeing 747) would come in at extreme speed and touch down on a long enough runway to slow down.

We prepared ourselves for whatever might come next.

We did slow down and were met by emergency vehicles and firefighters. Some of us suffered from headaches and I got some skin irritation from the fuel vapors that entered the cabin after the fuel dump.

[Travel Note: There’s a takeoff weight and a landing weight. Before a flight can land, after a declared emergency, the captain will dump as much fuel as possible.]

On Sunday, I was scheduled for a three day trip to OMA-DEN-LAS-LAX but again it was not meant to be.  I ended up on a flight to AMS (Amsterdam, NL).  It was my first time ever and I was beyond excited. The flight went off without a hitch. Below is quick view of Amsterdam through my eyes.
By the way, crossing the streets in the Netherlands is a bitch! Beware of the Tramways and [Tourist Note: traffic lights count down to green – not red.]
This brings me to the moral of the story

“In life, CHANGE is a constant. Preparation for YOUR ideal outcome is the key because when dealing with Change you only have three choices; get to moving, get left behind or get run over.”07/10/11

(c) 07-10-2011 MH