Monday Ministry| Back to School


Once upon a time, a girl was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Her parents named her a derivation of the father’s name. She would later decide to shorten so it would lose its diminutive, feminine indicator.   Her first home was a high rise, known as Fort Greene housing projects – a modest beginning for the daughter of military man and his wife.

One of the girl’s earliest memory was declaring her independence at 2 years old, dressing herself, grabbing her pocketbook and cussing out her babysitter/neighbor and anyone who tried to stop her.   She got in the elevator, push the button to let her off at the first floor.  Or maybe she didn’t, and intuited it would take her to the ground where she would find her freedom to roam the world.

She didn’t get too far, maybe as far as the playground her mother would later confirm, but she did give her mother a fright.  She, on the other hand, remembers having no fear.

When the girl became a teenager, she would find a letter from her father to her mother confessing his sorrow for leaving his wife, to fight in a war not of his own making.   He also apologized for leaving his wife with such “a handful” they had come to know as their daughter.

Many years later, maybe a lifetime for some, the girl now a woman and mom, would remember her power to create her life; just as she did when she was 2.   The woman’s daughters, 1 in college, and twins soon to follow, would leave their mom home in an empty-nest.  She decided to beat the daughters to the punch.  Once again, she would leave her humble abode to roam the world.

This time she imagined it.  Then she made it a reality.

Her daughters, witnessing their mom make her own dreams come true, told the woman “we know nothing is beyond our reach.” They said, “Not even the “friendly skies” are the limit to how far we can soar to realize our dreams.”

The woman knew then her job of raising three daughters to adulthood was successful.

8 years of circumnavigating globe flew by before the woman realized it wasn’t enough, wasn’t quite satisfying anymore. There had to be more to life, she thought.  Seeing the world and its inhabitants is nice, but nice doesn’t cut in a world where “mind-blowing” is the standard.

The woman thought the same thing when she was allegedly living her dreams in front of a news camera telling other people’s stories.  “Being the voice of the people is nice and all; most people go to college to get this opportunity that just dropped into my lap,” the woman acknowledged.  Still it conjured up the same thoughts for her then too, “there has to be more to life.”  The woman decided her most satisfying vocation was being a mother.  Now that her daughters were creating lives of their own, the mothering part was over.

The woman remembered what was missing from her life.

If “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”– allowing one’s imagination to die has to be a catastrophic failure. 

Once you lose your imagination, which is the main tool of consciousness, you might as well become one of the walking dead,

The woman, dressed in all black, felt as if she lost the most important part of herself.  It was then she knew –it was time for regeneration.

She returned to the “womb” to be born again.  She’d always return when she was unsure of what next to create.  The woman noticed, this time when the years ripped off the calendar, it took some of the woman’s magic with it.  She got scared. When one is scared, anger is sure to follow.

One day, while the woman was going through her metamorphosis, she heard her mother pray that she wouldn’t have to buy a new refrigerator.  The first thing that came out of the woman’s mouth, in response,

 “God is not a genie! He doesn’t grant wishes.” 

Before the woman could jump off the sofa and into the pulpit – she censored herself.  The woman didn’t feel it her place to “tell” her mother anything. Her mother’s prayers had allowed them a dream life including becoming the the second family to ever own this home. Most believe you have to die and go to heaven to live in a mansion; not own (no mortgage) one here on earth…


No, preaching to her mother would be out of order.

Instead, the woman went further into her comfort zone of words.  According to Merriam Webster,

to pray is to hope or wish very much for something to happen. To imagine is to form a mental image of (something not present).

The woman then realized the most fascinating “mind blowing” part of life was putting her knowledge into use. Her corporate career was built on brokering information. The woman spent almost 30 years generating, gathering, disseminating and using some type of information.  Yet, the most powerful use of her knowledge was when she shared information with her daughters.

The woman recalled, when she gave birth to her daughters she didn’t want to create them in her image.  She desired to pass on the knowledge to her daughters, so they would create a life based on their highest ideals.

Isn’t that what the woman’s mother passed on to her, the woman thought. Praying and imagining are  both actions used to materialize something into being?  Semantics be damned, the woman’s mother had also been successful at passing on the gift of imagination to her.

But there was the woman convalescing in her mother’s home for the last 9 months.

How could the woman show her mother she did learn how to create her own life story. Especially at a time when the woman felt her own creativity was waning.

The woman remembered, life is a revolution.

For 10 months, the woman lived within the mother; for 10 months the woman housed her daughters within her womb. They’ve all heard their mother’s respective heartbeats. They are all an embodiment of this Animating Force.    When the woman forgot her power, the woman’s daughters helped her to remember, retain and recall the Source.


The woman remembered she did the same for her mother in the past and she would be able to do it again.  The woman only needed to rise up from her own ashes like the Bennu remembering the resurrecting Force that resided within.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was born in Brooklyn.  She knew from the very beginning she had everything she needed within to create a life of her highest ideals.

She chose to create her life in such an ingenious way, that it would inspire those around her to remember they could do the same.