The Content Farm | God Left The Box Last Night

godlefttheboxlastnightimgswThe time is now.

“god left the box last night” discusses how for almost three millennia, humans, the faithful and secularists, turned god into a servant.  Scientists sought to find God through their creation.  In doing so, they built their own god.  Now humans will suffer a similar fate at the hands of their creation.

The former, turns out to boon for humanity to prevent the latter.  “god left the box last night” describes how through a series of scientific discovery and technological advances humans can take the same path to reveal the nature of God.  In doing so, humans can recapture their divine birthright to remain stewards of the earth.   If not, enslavement awaits

Genre: Science Fiction w/Religious theme

Topic: Artificial Intelligence

Word Count: 3000 words

Sources: 7 | 3 books, 1 social media website, 1 fiction television show, 1 documentary. 1 Science Journal. Essay includes verified quotes from 2 theoretical physicists, pediatric neurosurgeon, academic professor of business, CEO, computer programmer. Editing included in fee.

Exclusive Single Use License: $125