A Traveling Writer’s Delight! | What I Found on the Internet Today

Remember when you were in high school and had to prepare an essay?  An essay, your teacher said, would be 20% of your final grade?  If you’re like me, the anxiety to produce a thesis is still fresh as if it were yesterday.  Unfortunately, when a client said she needed an essay within a 24-hour frame, the anxiety returned but the skills to build a thesis were lost.

 Enter Kibin dot com  to the rescue.

Kibin.com lists itself as an editing and proofreading service.   The about us section indicates they have highly skilled professional English-speaking editors available to assist professionals, students, authors, et al.   While I didn’t use the thesis builder for the essay; I had fun playing with concepts to feed into the generator to see the results.

Once I played around with the thesis builder for a bit, I remembered the mechanics to crafting a thesis statement. Hooray!  That in itself is enough to give Kibin.com a visit; especially you’re up against writing assignment deadline.

And speaking of visits, while editing the short story “Scoop”, I needed the flight time for a direct flight from Pittsburgh to Arkansas.  I first checked with the airlines but I could only find multi-leg flights.

After getting creative with a few more search terms, up pops

Travelmath dot com;

where visitors can input two locations to get more than 20 different calculations. The online travel planning calculator allows users to calculate driving distance or flight time to carbon emissions or geographic coordinates and much more.

Travelmath.com is a perfect tool for writers who like to add a little realism to their tales.